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Wirecard Checkout Page Demo

Order description Jane Doe (33562), Order: 1
Amount 99.99 EUR
Payment type

This is a simple checkout page for demonstration purposes only. It displays the order description, amount, currency, a selection for a payment type and offers a "Checkout" button for the consumer to start the checkout process via Wirecard.

To integrate the Wirecard Checkout Page to your web shop, please read the Online Guide very carefully and set the parameters according to your requirements and your configuration settings obtained from Wirecard. Additionally there you can find a list of demo data, which can be used for testing this example with demo credit cards and other payment types without doing a real purchase.

If you have any questions or troubles regarding the integration please do not hesitate to contact our support teams.

Please consider that this checkout page example is configured for demonstration purposes only, so there are no real purchases done and also the demo transactions are not displayed within the Wirecard Payment Center. To change to a production environment you have to change the customerId and the secret according to the values obtained from Wirecard.

To start a checkout please press the button "Checkout". By default you will see a list of all supported payment types by Wirecard Checkout Page. Otherwise you are also able to select one of the payment types in the drop-down list and then press the "Checkout" button to go directly to a specific payment type.